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About Us

We believe collaborative work with clients advances to achieve the most beautiful and efficient results. Hence the idea of teamtwo - it'is vital for us to understand and develop the project from both, the owner’s and designer’s standing points.

teamtwo is an international Architectural, Design, and Engineering (ADE) consultancy headquartered in Georgia, renowned for delivering exceptional results across diverse projects. Our multidisciplinary team comprises highly skilled architects, structural engineers, and interior designers, boasting extensive experience in both domestic and international markets.


With a comprehensive portfolio of over 200 projects, including collaborations with renowned hospitality brands such as Marriott, Hilton, IHG, and Hyatt, we have a deep understanding of industry-leading standards and best practices. Our involvement in the U.S. market since 2016 and our structural engineering division's expertise in the German market further exemplify our global reach and diverse capabilities.


teamtwo's team possesses diverse expertise and a comprehensive understanding of International Building Code (IBC) standards, ensuring seamless navigation of complex cross-border projects. Our fluency in English facilitates clear communication and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle, resulting in efficient and successful outcomes. Our team includes LEED-certified architects and PMP-certified project managers, underscoring our dedication to sustainable practices and effective project management.


Leveraging cutting-edge technology, teamtwo integrates architectural, structural, and interior design services into a cohesive platform that enables real-time project coordination and enhanced collaboration. This streamlined approach not only optimizes processes but also guarantees meticulous quality control and cost-effective solutions.


At teamtwo, we believe in fostering strong partnerships with our clients. We value collaborative engagement, working together to achieve aesthetically pleasing, functional, and efficient solutions that meet or exceed client expectations. Our name, "teamtwo," embodies this collaborative spirit, symbolizing our commitment to understanding and developing projects from both the owner's and designer's perspectives.

Shota Saganelidze.png

Shota Saganelidze

Chief Production Officer and Partner

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Nutsa Nadareishvili.png

Nutsa Nadareishviili

Head Architect and Partner

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Giorgi Tsintsabadze.png

Giorgi Tsintsabadze

Chief Structural Engineer and Partner

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Irakli Gogokhia.png

Irakli Gogokhia

Chief Executive Officer and Partner

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Nikoloz Gurabanidze.png
Nikoloz Gurabanidze


Lela Davitadze.png
Lela Davitadze


Giorgi Malania.png
Giorgi Malania

Structural Engineer

Zuka Meparidze.png
Zuka Meparidze

Structural Engineer

Likuna Keidia.png
Likuna Keidia


Vakhtang Arabidze.png
Vakhtang Arabidze

Chief FEA Engineer

Luka Malania.png
Luka Malania

Structural Engineer

Demetre Ramishvili.png
Demetre Ramishvili

Structural Engineer Intern

Lado Gvetadze.png
Lado Gvetadze


Anatoli Gogokhia.png
Anatoli Gogokhia

NFB Quality Control Engineer

Nini Odishelidze.png
Nini Odishelidze

Structural Engineer

Sophio Mamulashvili.png
Sophio Mamulashvili

Visualization Specialist

Guliko Chitikiani.png
Guliko Chitikiani

Structural Engineer

Davit Kharanauli.png
Davit Kharanauli

Structural Engineer

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