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Our Services

We have the technological ability to include all project stages in one space, enhancing communication between disciplines and making it easy to control the process. As a result, we are able to reach fast and effective solutions.


  • Project Research

  • Concept Drawings

  • Construction Documentation

  • Construction Administration

  • Existing Building Audit

  • Interior Design

Structural Engineering

  • Structural projects for civil and industrial buildings

  • Load bearing structure calculations

  • Hazardous Building-Construction / Restoration / Consolidation / Reconstruction projects 

  • Evaluation of structures’ technical condition 

  • Structural investigation result analysis and report

  • Implementation Supervision of the project

  • Technical supervision of the project

Interior Design

  • Interior design concepts/mood boards

  • Furniture placement and space planning

  • Furniture and fabric specifications

  • Selection and placement of tiles and surfaces

  • Specification of hardware and plumbing fixtures

  • Lighting design

  • Interior design construction documentation

Detailed Development Plan

Detailed development planning assignment

  • Research of the physical environment

  • Research of the development structure and functional zoning

  • Documentation research

  • Project conceptual development


Detailed development plan

  • Project proposal development – based on preliminary research and the planning assignment

  • Organization and correspondence between related branches  required by the jurisdiction for planning approval

  • Organization of Permit documentation and preparation for submittal

Commercially Justified Development Concepts

  • Project concept

  • Demographic research

  • Relevant market research

  • Competition analytics

  • Overall massing visualization

  • Architectural concept design

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