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Hotel Complex in Almond Orchard


Hotel Complex in Almond Orchard


Kakheti, Georgia


Building area: 14 608 m2, Parking area: 1450 m2 and Sports fields area: 1700 m2


Competition I prize winner / Concept design


Knauf Tbilisi


Nikoloz Gurabanidze, Nutsa Nadareishvili, Shota Saganelidze, Sopo Mamulashvili, Giorgi Tsintsabadze, Nutsa Labadze, Gvantsa Tkemaladze

Prize received

Competition I Prize Winner

The proposed project represents a juxtaposition of two different cultural layers. The previously established natural patterns are covered with a new architectural text inspired by the abovementioned ideas. The project proposes a building concept that creates a diverse and balanced environment, where residential and public spaces, together with green areas, coexist in one space and create new green zones that improve the connection with both the different functions of the building and nature, and accommodate the social function, similar to the forum in ancient cities.

The grid that binds it all together is a system of strict order where each plot can reveal its unique identity. The spaces vary in size, expressing different dimensions: an enclosed garden, an exhibition hall, a forest and a lake. These spaces are open to the public.

The building is a pavilion, an exhibition space for new and old, architectural and natural objects. The main functions of the building are presented as exhibits that share this space with the visitor. The project is a reconstructed version of the archetype of the peristyle hall. Essentially, the archetype in question is a functional building with a courtyard and columns around the perimeter. We can think of the inner courtyards as a reduced version of the city square, the most important space for the existence of the social life of the city.

The idea of ​​the project is based on ​​Roman cities, symmetry and Egyptian gardens, which are united under one roof and based on the principle of a grid arrangement that runs through the entire plot, as rows of almond trees manifested as rows of columns in the building. Similar to the planning of ancient cities, the project is characterized by several basic principles that aim to create organized, efficient and aesthetically pleasing spaces. These main principles are grid planning, forum, various public buildings, infrastructure, amphitheaters and passages, public spaces and gardens. The most important thing is symmetry and aesthetics.

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