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Lisi Commercial Building


Offices and commercial units


Lisi, Tbilisi


Under Development


5000 m2


- Architecture
- Structural engineering
- MEP Project



The concept was to create a context that would define the visual side of the neighborhood in the future. Due to the length of the facade, it was decided to divide the building into two floors and use materials in a way to maintain the human scale. The concept was based on the works of the Bulgarian artist, Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, and his concepts.
Poly-carbonate, selected as one of the main materials, allows us to make the semi-transparent façade. On the one hand, it leaves a feeling of airiness and lightness, on the other hand, it reminds us of a solid wall, which can be considered as an extension of the brick wall on the -1st floor.
However, its visual aspect changes at night, when the artificial lighting of the interior replaces the natural lighting, and the light reflected from various colored surfaces in the interior, moving people, shadows of the building construction, etc., is projected onto the facade wall, making it come alive. In addition to the above, poly-carbonate is characterized by energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

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