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Multi-family residential - Concept Proposal


The proposal for the competition "Your House on University Street"


University str. Tbilisi, Georgia


Prize received: II Prize


Levan Sikharulidze, Nutsa Nadareishvili, Nikoloz Gurabanidze, Sopo Mamulashvili, Pavle Burduli


Your House on University Street

The concept was to create a public space saturated with functions not only for the settlement's residents but for the surrounding neighborhoods and students in the area. It should be a comfortable space for people from different socio-economic backgrounds to unwind, exchange ideas and relax.
From the 90's to the present day, the market (“bazaar”) is the most democratic manifestation of public space in Georgia. The market creates an equal plane for the population of the city's different social and cultural strata, unites them, and enables communication.
Transferring the market model to the neighborhood scale makes it possible to hold those social ties that create a healthy and busy coexistence space.
The market model in both historical and contemporary contexts is seen as a platform for gathering and coexistence. Therefore, the market is often seen as a catalyst for the residential function.

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