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How can American architects & developers save operating costs by hiring Georgian resources?

We have already discussed the role of business process outsourcing in architecture. In this article, I would like to discuss why American architects and real estate developers choose Georgia to outsource ADE services and how cost-effective this solution is.

First, I have to mention that Georgia debuted at Kearney’s Global Services Location Index (GSLI) 2021 and took 19th place among the top-ranked countries.

Hiring a draftsmen team in Georgia significantly saves operational costs because, unlike in other Eastern European countries, salaries in Georgia are relatively low, while the quality of design is quite competitive.

Below is the data from a Deloitte study „Business Process Outsourcing & Shared Service Centers investment potential research“ commissioned by Enterprise Georgia in 2018. The table shows the contrast of average salary for full-time Georgian architects, interior designers, CAD specialists, 3D modeling and visualization specialists in European countries, such as Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Lithuania, Ukraine, Albania and Moldova.

It is important to note that Georgian specialists often receive education in different European and U.S. Universities, which gives them western knowledge and competence. As a result, once they are back in Georgia, they work according to western standards and share their knowledge with the local industry.

Our team is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. The time zone, cost-effective solutions and our experience give us a certain advantage in efficiently working with U.S. architects and developers. If you are developing a new project, we are ready to dive in and help save time and money.


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