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The U.S. experience of teamtwo – What are our projects and services?

Recently, we talked about the international experience that teamtwo has gained by working for the U.S. and German markets. Now, I would like to break down our U.S. experience in more details. Our team worked on more than 200 projects along with the Base-4 international. Please see below the short list of our U.S. projects.

When working on US projects, the major duties of our team were:

  • Code study and the initial zoning research of the site location, analyzing zonal restrictions and permissions;

  • Project concept development;

  • Quality control of drawings received from other regional offices of the company;

  • Monitoring compatibility between architectural, structural and MEP engineering drawings of the project;

  • Acquiring city permit and producing construction documentation;

  • Responding to questions, and providing additional information (RFIs) to subcontractor companies during the construction process;

Most of our U.S. projects are in the hospitality industry. In particular, we have worked with international chain hotel brands such as Hilton, IHG, Marriott, Hyatt, Best Western, Choice and etc. Our team has expertise in designing prototype hotels, and understands what level of customization can be made and what are the brand guidelines.


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