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What services does teamtwo offer to U.S. developers and architects?

Teamtwo is a group of architects, interior designers, structural and MEP engineers that integrates all design phases in one space through BIM technology. We provide all our services in-house. We don’t hire extra specialists per project. It’s vital for us to have a team that applies to our standards and quality.

Our services include:


  • Project research and code study;

  • Concept drawings;

  • Construction documentation;

Interior Design

  • Concept drawings;

  • Construction plans;

Structural Engineering

  • Civil and industrial building-construction design;

  • Historic building restoration/consolidation / reconstruction design;

  • Software calculation of load-bearing structural elements of the building;

MEP Engineering

  • HVAC systems;

  • Sewage/Drainage systems;

  • Hot/Cold water supply;

  • Electrical/Low voltage systems;

  • Fire Fighting systems;

Detailed Development Plan

  • Research of the development and functional zoning;

  • Project concept;

  • Project proposal – based on preliminary research and the planning assignment;

  • Organization and correspondence between related branches required by the jurisdiction for planning approval;

  • Organization of Permit documentation and preparation for submittal;

Our team brings together 25 professionals – Architects, interior designers, structural engineers, MEP engineers, and visualization specialists. Company founders and board members are Nutsa Nadareishvili – Chief Architect, Shota Saganelidze – Chief Production Officer, Giorgi Tsintsabadze – Chief Structural Engineer and Irakli Gogokhia – Chief Executive Officer.

Our team of architects has been gaining international experience working in the U.S. market since 2016, along with the company Base4 International. Georgian office of architects has participated in more than 200 American projects and has worked with franchise brands like Marriott, Hilton, IHG, and Hyatt. The main responsibility of the team was quality control of drawings developed by the Indian office and responding to issues requested by the end client, general contractor, and/or local municipality.

Meanwhile our structural engineers have experience working for the German market. From 2010 to 2014, the team was working for Weinor GmbH as an outsourcing office in Tbilisi. Their responsibility was to create drawings of awnings and other structural elements. The plans were sent to the head office in Cologne, where the final product was assembled based on their drawings and shifted to EU countries.


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