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How does teamtwo work?

In the previous article, I described how we encompass all our services in one space to design the project and how this benefits U.S. architects and real estate developers. Today I’ll talk about our working cycles and our management techniques.

Company Tree

The company is divided into departments per service. Every department is headed by a senior specialist managing a group of draftsmen and designers. They report to the project manager, who, in turn, communicates with the client.


All three major departments (architecture, structural engineering and MEP engineering) work in Revit and use the BIM 360 technology. A group of structural engineers uses the software Lira for structural calculations and modeling building structures. Draftsmen use additional tools and software such as Autocad, Bluebeam and Sketchup.

The quality control (QC) department is a small group of draftsmen responsible for the correctness of drawings at different stages of design. They make sure drawing standards are in order within different disciplines throughout the project.

Design Phases

The entire design process is divided into four phases:

  1. 0% phase – Concept Design

  2. 30% phase – Schematic Design

  3. 60% phase – Design Development

  4. 100% phase – Construction Documentation

File Sharing Infrastructure

Project files are exchanged/stored through a secure, stationary server. To facilitate data security and remote work, we use the DropBox cloud service, through which data is uploaded and stored from a local server 24/7.

Communication with Client

The project management tool Basecamp helps us create an efficient communication medium between the project team and clients. At the beginning of the process, we create an individual Basecamp account for clients, so they can follow up on the project development phases accordingly.

Project managers also are available to clients via Email, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom…

Efficient communication skills and extended experience working on foreign projects allow us to offer our resources to U.S. developers. Our project managers are always ready to meet with your local architects and plan the design phases accordingly.

If you have a project and you are looking for a design team, we are ready to dive in and develop all drawings necessary.


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