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Who are the executive architects & engineers of the teamtwo?

In the previous article, we described in detail the structure of our team and the specifics of its work. We mentioned that our team of 25 specialists are full-time architects, interior designers, constructors and MEP engineers, whose knowledge and experience are fully in line with European and American standards.

Today, I want to introduce the executive team of teamtwo. The board of the company consists of five members: Shota Saganelidze, Nutsa Nadareishvili, Giorgi Tsintsabadze, Irakli Gogokhia and Luka Devidze. Their experience derives from the European and U.S. ADE industries and companies.

In more detail, the experience of our board members is as follows:

Shota Saganelidze is the head of the operational department at teamtwo. Shota is an architectural and urban planning specialist by profession. Before founding teamtwo, he held the position of director of the regional representation of the international design company ‘Base4 International’ and headed the office of the American architectural company ‘Base4 Georgia’ in Tbilisi. Accordingly, he has extensive experience in American design standards and project management. Shota is an invited lecturer of Architecture at Ilia State University, in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Nutsa Nadareishvili has been a head architect of teamtwo Since 2019 Like Shota, she worked for years as an expert in urban planning regulations (Code study expert) and as a project manager in the American architectural company “Base4 International”. That is why she is well versed in the analysis of U.S. state and city zoning code. At the same time, she is a lecturer of Architecture at the Ilia State University, in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Giorgi Tsintsabadze owns a Bachelor and Masters degrees in civil engineering. Giorgi has 15 years of work experience covering structural analysis of various types of buildings and facilities like Shopping centers, medical facilities, multi-apartment housing, mixed-use buildings, hotels and resorts. He worked at the German engineering company Weinor, where he held the position of chief Structural designer. Giorgi also shares his knowledge and experience with young engineers, as an invited lecturer at the Free university of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Irakli Gogokhias career covers 15 years of work experience related to civil engineering. He also has an extensive experience working on the position of an engineer and in customer service for the German company Weinor. He personally communicated and managed customer service delivery to clients from the following countries: Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, and Netherlands. His deep understanding of the global market needs and requirements helps him successfully head the business development department at the teamtwo.

Our executive team members lead different departments of the company. This way their international experience is constantly shared within departments and each team member gains high-quality knowledge. As a result, we can offer American developers, the quality that meets their standards. Our draftsmen and designers are always ready to get involved in the design process and deliver the project accordingly.


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